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A strong team

Our latest service success

The Management and the Head of Service would like to thank the service technicians Steven McAtee and Patrick Maus for their outstanding commitment at both below following big projects:

One of the projects to be mentioned was the installation of 11 demoulding devices into existing units at current operation. The challenge was not to disturb and interrupt the regular production process. Together with 2 other colleagues, Patrick Maus implemented this project on time and it has successfully been finished under important topics such as quality and time. Our customer was not only very satisfied with the performances onsite but also with the detailed planning and the excellent support before the project.

The other project that deserves our fullest appreciation is a big project in the USA. The technical and organizational challenges from planning, built up and installation as well as commissioning, retro fits and networking of the units were solved onsite by Steven McAtee and his team. This is also one of the reasons why the customer is very satisfied with the result of this project. Also to be mentioned is the extensive technical planning works of Lars Spristersbach as well as the intensive support by Gerry Mata (USA). 

Congratulation to this great result and thanks to all colleagues involved!

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Countdown K 2019

You will find us in the usual place: 
Hall 13, A93

Even before the official admission of Messe Düsseldorf, we were busy with the preparations for this year's plastics trade fair.
We will use the time until 16 October 2019 to prepare interesting topics for you! It´s worth it to make a stop on our stand.

Pro Erlenbach

Another success story

SCHÜTZ ENERGY SYSTEMS and Erlenbach have recently successfully completed an exchange project for a shape molding machine.

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Shape moulding machine EMShuttle Evo

Do you already know our latest concept?

Do you already know our latest concept?Erlenbach presents a new, highly efficient, machine concept for shape moulding parts with inserts. The 2 in 1 concept is suitable for many different applications and can be operated both with classic operating personnel and fully automated. How could your application look like?

Shape moulding machine EMShuttle Evo

My first 100 days at Erlenbach...

Kai Wiedemuth, Managing Director

If you start a new challenge in somewhat known surroundings, you do expect many known areas on the one hand and only some little differences in specific areas on the other hand. I started in Lautert mid of November last year after one year experience outside the machinery industry and I was convinced that the world between two multinational machine builders could not be that different overall. But I was right and wrong at the same time…
We do have the same challenges when it comes to customers and projects in both internal and external interfaces as at my previous employers. But in addition there are some total new issues which I did not face so far in my entire business career. As a resume after 100 days, I really appreciate that I can give some good incentives to the core business due to my previous jobs. And I am really looking forward to meeting my personal challenges within the major new stuff together with a polite and open-minded management team to lift Erlenbach to the next level as a well-known international partner when it comes to the various applications in the entire particle foam business.