Silos & pressurising systems


Silos & pressurising systems

Well stored, better processed

At Erlenbach, we see ourselves as suppliers of all in one solutions. This is why our portfolio doesn’t just include processing machinery and accessories, but also systems for storage and pressurisation of your particle foam materials.


Your materials always in one view

Before the actual manufacturing process itself, pre-expanded raw materials are typically stored temporarily in silos. These silos are made from a flexible, semi-permeable and antistatic textile that actively assists in the production process. This is because the tiny beads can dry, out-gas and stabilise themselves here until they are ready to be used.


  • Storage silo made from special textile for temporary storage

  • Dosing silo customised to pre-expander requirements

  • Continuous volume dosing
  • Individual sizes – according to your needs

EMSilo Control unit

Stored separately but cleverly combined

This intelligent silo solution offers control for a variety of bulk goods tanks, either individually or in parallel. The process starts with the filling itself, and the specific fill levels for one or more silos can be stored in the system. Precisely specified mixtures and recipes for various kinds of materials are also possible here. The same applies to the emptying of the silos, which is handled fully automatically without manual intervention – quickly, efficiently and virtually error-free.


  • Parallel control for multiple silos 

  • Automated filling and emptying
  • Automated implementation of preselected recipes
  • Control via built-in display or via pre-expansion plant

Pressurising systems

Pressurising systems are most often used to prepare the starting material for further processing. The pre-pressure can be regulated precisely here with the intuitive, easy-to-use PLC controller. This enables the raw materials to be processed at low densities and guarantees further optimisations to the surface of the final product.

The pre-pressurising system can of course be used for all materials without a natural foaming agent.


  • Optimal preparation of the raw material for downstream processing

  • Calibration to your production requirements
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use PLC controller
  • Can be integrated into many different production facilities