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Our Team

The Erlenbach team is not only passionate when it comes to bringing our machines to life for you. Even after work we do not run out of energy - because many leisure activities can be associated with the job, our machines or their end products.

EMMotion 5.0 / 2.5

Alexander Holl

Our marathon man takes on every challenge and has achieved personal bests on every terrain and at every altitude.

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EMMotion 1.6

Kjell Sprenger

Kjell Sprenger knows all about drives – and not just the ones found in our moulded parts machine.

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Philipp Lauck

Philipp Lauck, the EMHandling specialist, knows how important efficient work and clearly regulated processes are.

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Sven Berthold

Our key account manager, Sven Berthold, loves one thing above all else: the finishing touch.

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Axel Groß

Axel Groß always stays cool and calm, whatever the pressure – and whether or not he’s working every day with the EMBead.

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Maximilian Minor

When it comes to keeping a clear mind in the hectic day-to-day service business, Maximilian is just the man for the job.

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Jan Huppert

Just like the EMBase, our colleague Jan Huppert also knows what is important for a successful start.

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