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The EMDynamic achieves goals in a unique way, which for a long time could only be realized by hydraulically driven systems. With the EMDynamic, #teamerlenbach presents a solution that not only meets long overdue economic requirements with its purely electric drive and purely electric locking, but also clearly convinces with many other advantages in the production process.

Typical applications

  • optimized for large, deep and complex molded parts
  • common applications are found in the automotive & HVAC field

Which materials can be processed?

  • all common particle foams

  • processing pressure: max 5 bar

EMDynamic // Sizes at a glance

    wide hight max. size of shape mold  
  S / 1345* 1145* 1345x1145  
  M / 1650* 1380* 1650x1380  
  L / 2100* 1450* 2100x1450  

*maximum clamping surface: +350mm


  • EMDynamic filling package
  • Multizone cooling
  • Separate cooling water circuits
  • Electric chain hoist
  • Core pull / dividing-plate / multi densiy application
  • EMHandling up- and downstream automation
    • 2-axis portal
    • Robots
  • Material mixing by EMRemix
  • Service contract

To our product video

Watch the product video of the Erlenbach EMDynamic shape moulding machine.

To the Erlenbach YouTube channel

Pure // Electric drive

All process movements by servo motors:

  • Precise: electric drive enables exact positioning (<0.1mm)
  • Powerful: electric locking during the foaming process
  • Fast: fast opening and closing (up to 600 mm/sec.)
  • Clean: no contamination by hydraulic oil

Adaptive // Tool fitting

  • Flexible: Tool depth 300 - 880 mm (based on 2,000 mm stroke)
  • Solid: 3-point tool mounting for perfect alignment 
  • Striking: Perfectly suited for core pull applications 
  • Adaptable: Flexible positioning of fillers and ejectors due to variable reinforcement bars
  • Ready for use: for monoblock, competitor and Erlenbach molds

Smart // Utility supply

Efficient: very precise use of the control system
Individual: cavities can be controlled individually (box & lid on one system)
Unique: telescopic pipes for safe steam distribution
Balanced: reduced temperature gradient in the mold

Michael Pahl
Key Account Manager


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