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The EMHybrid and its produced parts, certainly have one thing in common: unconventionality. This model is the only Erlenbach shape moulding machine featuring two different drive systems – making it a true hybrid, developed for unusual, one-of-a-kind tasks.

For the production of especially large or deep workpieces in particular, the EMHybrid really shows its strengths – working with power, speed and precision.

Typical applications

  • Optimised for large and deep moulded parts
  • Frequent applications can be found in the construction industry

Which material can be processed?

  • Material processing: max. 1,6 bar or 5 bar
  • EPS, EPP, E-TPU, copolymere and biopolymere

EMHybrid at a glance

  • Fast and flexible electrical servo drive
  • Hydraulic interlock
  • Solid machine frame made of torsion-resistant steel sections
  • Hot galvanised and high quality coating
  • EM quick mould change system
  • Insulated EM steam chamber systems
  • Situation analysis via teleservice
  • EM pressurised mould-filling system 
  • User-friendly HMI
  • Process data logging


  • Foam pressure sensor
  • Multizone cooling
  • Separate cooling water circuits
  • Female chest extension
  • Electric chain hoist
  • Core pull / dividing-plate / multi densiy application
  • Central or single vacuum-unit
  • Additional clamp frame
  • EMHandling up- and downstream automation
  • Material mixing by EMRemix
  • Service contract

The video about the product

Watch the video about the Erlenbach shape moulding machine EMHybrid.

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For everyone who just wants to do more

The EMHybrid starts where other moulding machines are already at their limits:

  • A big help: production of especially large or deep moulded parts
  • Strong and secure: hydraulic locking during the foaming process
  • Efficient: electrically driven steam chamber movement
  • Versatile: perfect for use in construction and automotive


A symphony of synergies for moving results

The EMHybrid offers you a world of new possibilities for the production of moulded parts:

  • Fast, electric servo drive
  • Hydraulic locking for high closure strength
  • Precise PLC-based control
  • Built to handle large and deep moulded parts
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Key Account Manager


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Flexible and versatile

The EMHybrid is designed for processing of a wide variety of particle foams, including modern bio-based variants. And naturally for EPP as well, whose particular properties make it an excellent choice for the automotive industry.

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