EMMotion & EMBead - always a good choice

Erlenbach listens to you exactly which requirements you have for your product and thus offers the best possible advice - whether you are a newcomer, as in the case of NTB, or a long-standing customer. Together we will find the ideal solution for you.


Nowe Technologie Budowlane S.A. (NTB) aims to play a leading role in innovative solutions for the construction industry, with a focus on the aspect that is crucial today - energy saving.
NTB has its origins in limestone production, the resulting waste product steam now flows into a new and innovative product: Building blocks with integrated insulating core made of EPS.

The Erlenbach-Plus

  • High consulting competence
  • Reliable project planning
  • Flexible applicable systems
  • High industry expertise
  • High quality products


"We were looking for the highest quality and expertise in EPS production." reports Mr Sobieski, responsible for Business Development at NTB. NTB's research showed that Erlenbach is able to meet the high demands as well as ensure future developments in the portfolio through the high flexibility of the plants. As a result, Erlenbach supplied NTB with an ED4 pre-expander and an electrically driven EMMotion moulding machine including a mould and accessories.
"As our process was very dynamic, Erlenbach team had to demonstrate and provide high understanding for the goals we wanted to achieve but also flexibility of the process itself. No one had constructed a production line like this before, so each part had to be individually adapted to the needs which of course takes a lot of time and effort" says Mr. Sobieski.


NTB's answer to our question: "Would you recommend Erlenbach to others? If yes, why?" speaks for itself: "Sure, because of the comprehensive offer and the quality of service." There's nothing more to add to that.