Steamless particle foam processing

Particle foaming without steam - infrared makes it happen

Rising energy costs and growing demands on materials, equipment and composites were the basis for this new process technology. Together with its development partner FOX Velution, Erlenbach offers the solution to all these challenges - with the Dry Particlefoam Process Equipment, the usual limits of steam based particle foam processing can be easily exceeded and new materials processed and applications created.


The future in particle foam?
Processes without steam.

Dry foaming processes in pre- and mould foaming help you to reduce emissions along the entire value chain and thus enable significant competitive advantages.

  • Economical: processes without steam allow high savings potentials
  • Minimalist: no supply installation required
  • En vogue: very low CO2 footprint
  • Efficient: excellent resource efficiency


Crossing boarders?
Dry Foaming process makes it possible.

  • Possibilities: take new paths, foam new materials for the most innovative applications in the 'in-situ' process
  • Balanced: homogeneous expansion in pre- and mould foaming
  • ROI: rapid payback through energy savings
  • Simple: low maintenance, safe handling and easy cleaning

Dry Foaming Process at a glance

  • Dry process without any water
  • Low COfootprint
  • Only electrical energy
  • High resource efficiency


  • both classic and the latest raw materials
  • for highest material requirements and process temperature
  • suitable for in moulded items / electronics
  • for sophisticated textures and surfaces