EMTower - a solid blockform for future challenges

At a time when no one in our industry was talking about turn key plants, Masterplast and Erlenbach simply took this exciting greenfield project in hand and successfully implemented it.
In addition to the block mould, a pre-expander, a silo plant and everything else that belongs to a block plant was also delivered.


Founded in 1997, Masterplast, as the largest hungarian-owned building materials company in the Central European region, is a major supplier to domestic building materials trading companies. It holds a dominant position in the market for facade insulation, high-roof insulation and dry building components.


How do you judge the quality of the entire equipment?
Mr. Polgár: "After more than 10 years of experience the block moulding line and the pre-expander are in a good condition. Only the usual wearing parts have to be replaced. We expect a constant performance of the equipment in the coming years".

Can you recommend Erlenbach? If so, why?
“Yes, the entire plant is characterised by durability and high quality.”


Do the block moulding machine and accessories still meet the requirements of Masterplast and the market after 10 years?

Mr. Polgár: "Due to Masterplast's stable and strong market presence, the requirements and demands of the end customer are always high, especially in terms of quantity and design. Erlenbach's block moulding line still meets these requirements".

The Erlenbach-Plus

  • over 60 years of experience in product and project management
  • long-lasting products
  • top-quality equipment
  • high consulting competence

You can find more information about our blockmolding machine EMTower here