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The processing of particle foams begins and ends no longer on the molding machine or the block molding plant. From the correct storage of raw materials to efficient recycling, Erlenbach provides the complete manufacturing process and the right accessories for every task.

Silos & Pressurising systems

The silos and their controllers, plus pre-pressurisers ensure that all of your upstream workflows run smoothly, ensuring that nothing gets in the way of efficient and high-quality processing of your particle foams.

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The EMCycle from Erlenbach shreds particle foam parts into a fine granulate, dedusting it and transforming it into a high-quality yet inexpensive secondary raw material that can be added to the fresh material.

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With EMHandling, you can automate processes such as the removal, stacking or bundling of shape moulding parts, simplify the insertion of parts and even the printing of your products. Make it easy!

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