Erlenbach convinces in EPP test series

A well-known European EPP processor came to us at the Experience Center with very precise ideas regarding the quality of its end product, as well as a number of dos and don'ts within the process steps. The requirements were exciting, but could be solved with the Erlenbach equipment.


The mould was picked up with an adapter system (670/570) on our EMMotion 5.0 (1070/870) moulding machine.

The end product is characterized by complex geometries, so that initial filling problems were to be expected due to the injectors not being optimally positioned. The goal was to produce a perfectly filled moulded part with a flawless surface.


In order to save another process step, it was necessary not to pressure-load the material. In addition, the process with back pressure filling should be avoided, as the compression would have a negative effect on the lid.

In order to keep the material and ordering costs as low as possible, an alternative material could not be used.

  • Left: a product with filling problems

  • Right: an optimally filled product after slightly modifying the set up


The Erlenbach-Plus

The first-class set-up of our EMMotion moulding machines can be individually adapted to the needs of your products, so that even minor modifications enable great success in the production of the most demanding moulded parts.
The result? Reliable filling behavior even with challenging geometries.

The cooperation

After all dos and don'ts were defined and the EPP processor's mould was installed on our EMMotion moulding machine, processing could start in our Experience Center.

The cooperation within the team quickly led to a successful process finding. The know-how of all involved, as well as the set-up of our EMMotion offered the perfect basis for this.

The configuration of the pressure filler, which was precisely matched to the end product, led to the desired success after just a few cycles.

You would like to learn more about our filling system and other possibilities for an optimal EPP filling result?

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