EMMotion - the 11 most important facts

Read here at a glance the 11 most important facts and advantages of our electrically driven EMMotion! You want to know more? Please contact us - we will be happy to answer all further questions.

  • 11 facts about the moulding machine EMMotion
  • Servo electrical drive with knee levers
  • No locking necessary, even for big plants, this means shorter cycle times (moulding area EPS = 3,5 m²; EPP = 2,2 m²)
  • Accuracy at crack positioning <0,1 mm
  • No hydraulic and therefore no maintenance issues, noise emissions and viscosity variations
  • Linear guides for exact guidance of the frames, no lowering of the moveable steam chamber
  • Proprietary PID control characteristics for fast and precise media control
  • No loss of stroke when using male and female chest extensions (production of deep moulding parts)
  • Mould is installed in a thermally decoupled steam chamber, to reduce energy consumption of the plant
  • Blocked quick mould change via integrated machine platform with integrated operator-friendly mould guidance
  • Crane rail, process curve visualization, remote maintenance module and many other feature are already integrated in the Erlenbach standard version
  • Easy retrofitting of many options possible

    With the new EMMotion Flex you can enjoy all the advantages of the EMMotion and use your existing mould system.