EMMotion Flex for maximum flexibility

Flexible and economical – Erlenbach’s engineers incorporate these requirements into all our products - but this time the focus was even more on mastering the challenges with a new and flexible machine concept.


There is a mix of Erlenbach systems and third-party products in some production halls leading to the fact that some processors often had to accept a restriction with the mould assembly. The Erlenbach team recognised the problem and has since been working on the EMMotion Flex - a moulding machine that does not restrict you in terms of moulds and offers you a high degree of flexibility.

Status / Sales Release

The EMMotion Flex was presented at the K-2019 for the first time - where our visitors could not only see the moulding machine producing live but also convince themselves of the prototype’s advantages. Currently, we are intensively testing our new development. The planned sales release will be announced in the coming weeks.

Until then you can watch our 3D animation of EMMotion Flex on Youtube.

The requirements

  • uncomplicated and flexible adaptation of monoblock moulds and third-party products (with and without core pull function)
  • at simultaneous use of the proven and efficient servo-electric drive
  • it is essential that the significant benefits of the EM quick mould change system remain when using an EM steam chamber system
  • different steam chamber sizes should be usable on one machine

The Erlenbach-Plus

  • more flexibility and efficiency through uncomplicated use of monoblock moulds and third-party products - at simultaneous use of the servo-electric drive!
  • precise blowing air control due to shorter distance of the air inlet at the control panel side
  • time saving via EM quick mould change system when using an Erlenbach steam chamber system
  • short cycle times
  • highest precision
  • energy efficiency