Wolters Europe & Erlenbach - a partnership with a long tradition

Wolters Europe and Erlenbach have a long business relationship. Both companies are well aware of what is important in particle foam processing and have been doing so for more than 60 years. So Erlenbach is very pleased that an expert like Wolters Europe trusts in our high-performance equipment and has recently received an EMBead ED6 pre-expander from us. Erlenbach was allowed to put a few questions to the technical manager Roel Tijdhof...

Of course, we were particularly interested in the technical features that contributed to the decision to buy the Erlenbach pre-expander. The answer was clear:
"Easy operation, fully automatic function and high-precision density control are essential for Wolters to ensure consistently high qualities and no material waste".

Was the live demonstration of our pre-expander in our Experience Center in Lautert finally able to convince the Wolters Europe team?
"Yes, the visit of our technicians to the Experience Center convinced us and showed a proven concept that has been continuously developed over the past years," was the answer from Wolters Europe.

The project management - especially the on-time commissioning - played a major role. Not at least in order to replace the existing pre-expander with the new one without losing valuable production capacity. However, the more difficult commissioning conditions during the pandemic were compensated by the Erlenbach Remote Service.
"Both Wolters and Erlenbach respected very strict pandemic rules. The remote service helped our operators to quickly solve minor problems with the new control software," explained Roel Tijdhof. 

Erlenbach is pleased to hear that Wolters Europe, whose business relationship with Erlenbach goes back to the 1970s, is satisfied with the performance of the EMBead pre-expander, with the project handling and the service.

The responsible Business Development Manager, Fabian Back, is also very pleased that another project has been successfully implemented with the Wolters team. "With a preexpander like the EMBead ED6, the foundation for efficient EPS production has been laid."