Global insulation, Erlenbach is part of it

The installation of the region's largest block molding plant took place in September 2021, despite pandemic-related travel restrictions. Since then, Styrenpack has been supplying the high demand for insulation material in and around Saudi Arabia. In doing so, Styrenpack always has the high quality of its products in mind.


STYRENPACK is one of the largest suppliers of EPS packaging and EPS insulation material in the region of Saudi Arabia. For more than 20 years Styrenpack and Erlenbach have been running their successful business relationship.


The most important points for Styrenpack were to reduce cycle times while ensuring a permanently constant density distribution within the expanded block. Both requirements were no problem for the high performance block molding system EMTower from Erlenbach.

The Solution

Our efficient steam distribution concept enables homogeneous density, fusion and shortest cycle times due to the individually configurable steaming flaps.
In addition, the Erlenbach block offers steaming from all four sides.

Styrenpack Statement

Mr. Khalid Bejammal, General Manager of Styrenpack is „proud to have such machine in his factory, which is the best block machine in the world for this period. And that he would recommend Erlenbach to others at any time“.