Small exchange with great effect

By exchanging „Erlenbach old against new“ at company Schütz, our long time business partner could improve its cycle times, save energy costs in the long term and also free the production area from hydraulic oil and noise.


Everybody knew: a classic EMShuttle cannot meet all this requirements – we need something new, something better! New ideas were sketched with pencil, concepts, which have been almost forgotten, have been checked again. Later on, the first results have been built in simple CAD models and were changed until the new concept stood and the patent application finally could be made.


A machine with 2 chamber systems and an inside separating device seems to be ideal. It is easy accessable and enables manual inserting, but also can additionally be equipped with handling system. The chamber systems can be controlled separately; the drive is electrical and the plant safety is guaranteed due to the separating device and safety fence. Another advantage is, of course, the space-saving design.


  • EPP moudling part production with complex inserting parts for manual feeding
  • two separately adjustable chamber systems to process different moulding parts and raw materials on just one unit
  • only electrcial drive concept

The Erlenbach-Plus

  • 2 in 1 machine
  • reduced space requirement
  • ideal for moulding parts with inserts
  • inserting operation possible from manual to fully automated
  • suitable for monoblock moulds and steam chamber systems