15 years old, but still in shape

In the early 2000s, we started building the first moulding machines with servo-electric drives, launching a whole new era of high performance EPS processing through maximum precision and shortest cycle time.

Some 15 years later, we take stock: in an interview with Keld Madsen, Strategic Technical Manager at BEWi in Denmark, we ask exactly how performance has developed in terms of cycle time, maintenance intensity and product quality.

"When we bought the first machines with Servo-Electo drive in 2006/2007, we did not expect such potential from the new generation of machines!" Keld Madsen told us.

What are the advantages of using an EMMotion moulding machine and which production features are standard today as a result?

"The advantage of the EMMotion is its speed in terms of pressure and vacuum build-up in the demoulding process. It offers new possibilities to produce complicated designs without or with a minimum demoulding angle. And finally, the precision of the system is much higher than with previous hydraulic systems. The increasing demands on production due to lower tolerances have driven up our need for precision and accuracy. And this is where the servo-electric drive makes a difference." answers Keld Madsen.

Bewi project team in Tvilho

Many thanks to Keld Madsen and his team for the interview.

The machines you bought 15 years ago are still in use today. How do you rate the performance of these systems today in terms of cycle time, maintenance intensity and product quality? And how satisfied were you with the Erlenbach service if you did need it?

"The first EMMotion machines are now 15 years old, but are still considered very competitive in terms of maintenance, cycle times and product quality.
We have only had a few service issues over the years. Here, Erlenbach Support has been quick to help us with the implementation of documented upgrade kits and also from time to time with error analysis and troubleshooting via a remote connection." says Keld Madsen.

The Erlenbach-Plus

  • Short cycle times
  • High precision processing
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Long life cycle
  • High service availability