1000th EMMotion

At Tempra in Iceland, the thousandth EMMotion - a 9-cavity system for fish box production - is in particularly good society. Because in its new home there are only Erlenbach EMMotion siblings.

Who can say that about themselves? 1,000 electrically driven molding machines worldwide. Whether small or large, 2 or 4 toggle drives, EPS or EPP, automotive or sophisticated packaging parts - all without additional locking. 20 years of experience without pollution, without noise, with the highest precision in processing. 

We used this event as an opportunity to ask production manager Jón Hjartar a few questions. We were particularly interested in what motivated Tempra to make the single source decision of Erlenbach EMMotion molding machines and what criteria were decisive for the change from the usual 3 to 9 cavity systems?

"First and foremost, speed and reliability. But there are also other reasons, e.g. ecological aspects, avoidance of contamination and leakage, lower fire risk. In addition, hydraulic machines are always somewhat less hygienic."

The Erlenbach Plus

  • short cycle times
  • no contamination by oil
  • first-class service
  • high machine availability

Our statement

Commenting on this success story, Sales Manager Michael Pahl said:

Tempra's investment - a machine capable of producing 9 fish boxes per cycle - confirms a trend that has been evident in the fish box industry for several years:

More volume in a limited footprint to continue to meet the growing demand for fish boxes in the future. The challenge here is not only to generate more volume, but also to meet the same high requirements for quality and lowest weight tolerances. And this is identical to systems with only 3 cavities.

Through test series in our own production, I was able to convince myself that, thanks to the latest machine and process technology, even the large systems meet these requirements and I am very pleased that our long-standing and valued customer Tempra is now also benefiting from this.

We did not miss the opportunity to see the 1,000 EMMotion system live in production at Tempra. We were impressed not only by the anniversary machine, but by the entire production.

From left to right: Kai Wiedemuth, Helgi Laxdal Helgason, Michael Pahl, Jón Hjartar, Magnús Bollason

Furthermore, Jon Hjartar said "The 9-cavity concept came about for us due to space limitations and growth. Normally, we have focused on the flexibility in our production that the smaller machines offer. At this point, however, we can only grow vertically in our current building. Demand for our salmon box has increased and will keep the larger machine busy for a while. We anticipate that the next machine will be a similar size to continue to grow."

As our business relationship has now lasted over 30 years we are particularly proud of the following statements:

"We would not hesitate to recommend Erlenbach and have done so many times in the past. The level of service is excellent, the technical level is first class, the reliability is fantastic and the ease of use of the machines is also excellent, minimizing the training required for new machines.

11/10, would buy again."