Shortest mould change times with the EMMotion

Do you actually know the mould system of our electrically driven moulding machine EMMotion? Learn more about our mould system, its advantages and features:

First, the mould itself is prepared by installing it onto a change / clamp frame. This directly prepares the necessary injectors, ejectors and air inlets of the injectors to a central distributor. 

The EMMotion moulding machines use the blocked mould change in which male & female side are screwed together, on the clamping frame. This means that the mould can always remain pre-equipped on the clamping frame and only needs to be dismantled for maintenance purposes. 

On the other hand, this procedure ensures parallel installation of the two mould halves to prevent damage to the cores.

The highlight of the Erlenbach steam chamber & quick mould change system is that your mould will be installed via integrated maintenance platform from the back of the machine, which ensures ergonomic and safe installation.

Central quick-coupling connections for connecting the media air & water also reduce the changeover time significantly.

Depending on the machine size, a changeover within 10 - 45 minutes, is possible even with a minimum staff requirement of one person.

Not convinced yet?

Watch our mould change video on YouTube now.

The optimally designed steam chamber, in which the now installed mould has found its place, should also be mentioned. On the one hand, it is insulated to reduce the radiated heat and, on the other hand, thermally decoupled from the machine frame to reduce heat transfer to frame components. Consequently, the steam input takes place in a closed system. This leads to a reduced steam requirement and also to reduced costs.

The Erlenbach mould system also enables using your system with a smaller opening stroke and thereby less floor space. The cleverly thought-out machine concept enables adaptation of the required extension frames without loss of stroke and therefore saves floor space. On the female side, an extension frame is just mounted on the back of the steam chamber. On the male side, the movable machine frame can easily be adjusted by the dimension of the extension frame.
Thus, with both installation variants, the originally designed opening stroke remains without any reduction.



Finally it can be concluded that a well thought-out mould system is the basis for an efficient process and offers the user a high degree of safety. In addition, the system also allows less experienced persons to quickly learn how to change moulds. Interruptions and downtimes due to blocked moulds do not exist with EMMotion moulding machines!