Blockmould quartet

Drums und filling process

The drums are the foundation of any band. Without them, any musical masterpiece would be empty and without life. The drums represent the important filling process of a block form. All musicians in a band align their work with the drums. So the filling process of the block form and the drums are like a compass.
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Filling pipe and closing cylinder are mounted on a movable plate: this means that all remaining EPS beads are blown back into the storage silo, no compression of the beads in the area of the filling guns (therefore no residual moisture = no problems when cutting insulation boards) and no risk of steam blowing back into the filling pipes.

Bass and Vacuum

The bass player of the band is like the vacuum system. He is responsible for creating the harmony of a song with a unique rhythm. Similar to the vacuum system of the Blockmould, he provides a stable harmonic environment, regulates the pressure and ensures that the other band members can do a good job by providing a constant balance in the process. Strong, reliable and with a constant tempo, it is the key to a well-functioning EPS insulation board production without compromise.
You need facts behind the music?
Our technology ensures perfect reproducibility in every cycle, regardless of the density, the proportion of ground material, the type of raw material and possible environmental changes. Like a bass guitarist in a rock band, the vacuum is fully synchronised and supports the rhythm of each production.

Guitar and steam process

When you think of your favourite rock band, we're sure you remember the lead guitarist well, probably better than the drums and bass....
The guitar of a band is very impactful and therefore a bit like the steam process of a block moulding machine. Such an important function also comes with a lot of responsibility.
Sure, the guitarist can perform solo and put on a good show, but it's only in combination with other important factors (like drums and bass guitar) that he really brings the band to success and delivers the powerful sound that makes the song.
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Large wedge wire screens, independently controlled steam chambers for all block sides, embedded steam chambers in the moving side walls fed by telescopic steam pipes.... all together delivering an incomparably constant density distribution over the entire blockform and thus a high quality of insulation boards regardless of block height, depth and width.

Singing and anti-bending system

The instruments in a band lay the foundation of the music. They are all needed to deliver a good performance. But isn't there something missing here? Each of us can interpret the instruments in our own way. It's the lyrics and the vocals that give the song its perfection. The same goes for steam, vacuum and filling in a block moulding process - these properties alone are not enough to produce perfect EPS blocks.
Only the singing leads to a musical masterpiece. Just like the Erlenbach Anti-bending System leads to masterful EPS boards. 
You need facts behind the music?
Do you cut the block edges (top and/or bottom) thinner?
Do you press your blocks as a first step before cutting them?
You can save time and money with the two-sided symmetrical anti-bending system.

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Marco Dubini
Consultant Blockmoulds


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