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Interested in updating or improving your knowledge about economical material recycling or moulded part and block production or need training for your team? Energy and cost savings have the biggest role to play here. Our training courses show you the potential for optimisation and can be offered either at our Experience Centre in Lautert or on-premises at your factory.

Find out more about the latest dates​​​​​​​ for our courses in the Experience Centre or feel free to contact us to arrange training sessions to be held on site at your factory.

Want to use our Experience Centre for pilot runs involving new materials or applications? Whatever the vision you’re following, we have the right equipment to ensure exclusive and confidential testing for your pilot runs. As a first step, take a virtual look around our Experience Centre – you’re then certain to be interested in using our facilities in Lautert to achieve your goals.

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  • Implement your personal test series for new materials or applications
  • Expand your knowledge with our training in Lautert or in your factory

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