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EMTower - 成就无限商机


EMTower 产品系列投入市场后,艾伦巴赫公司就确立了EPS-板材制造和加工领域的新标准。创新的技术满足了加工者不断适应市场变化的需求。个性化的板材机还满足了客户在质量和效率上的要求。

EMTower 板材机是根据客户的生产能力、投资额以及变化或固定的板材尺寸三个不同的指标而量身定做的设备。艾伦巴赫公司同客户的共同合作,根据客户需求提供满足其个性化需求的板材设备。


  • 领先的工艺技术,完全电子化的全程监控系统
  • 现代化的SPS控制系统菜单式设计,操作方便
  • 最短的循环周期

  • 低能耗
  • 密度分配均匀
  • 融结均匀

  • 残留水分低

EMTower anti bending system

Erlenbach´s patented and field-tested anti bending system prevents the deformation of the edge panels after cutting process.
Erlenbach combines several measures to reduce the bending:

  • effect of the block press
  • compression in the block mould provides an additional reduction of the steam pressure


  • saving an additional process step "elastify"
  • reduction of storage time to up to 24h
  • steam savings in the block mould of up to 15%
  • improving of the insulation properties without changing the material density leads to material savings

By using Erlenbach´s EMTower anti bending system you will reduce your production and energy costs and increase your storage capacity.

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