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Nouveaux standards
de moule a bloc


EMTower - Proportionné pour de grosses productions

Since the market launch of its EMTower machine range, Erlenbach has been setting new standards in the manufacturing and processing of EPS block moulds. The innovative technology enables the processor to continuously adapt to constantly changing market situations. Quality and efficiency requirements are covered by individual block mould sizes.

Depending on production capacity, investment volume and variable or fixed block size the block moulding machine EMTower is available in three different versions as standard, perform and adjust. In co-operation with our customers, Erlenbach has developed a block moulding system specially designed to handle your products.


  • Leading process technology due to fully electronic regulating systems
  • Modern PLC control with operator-oriented interface and processor-oriented menu design
  • Shortest cycle times
  • Low energy consumption
  • Homogenous distribution of bulk density
  • Homogenous welding
  • Low residual moisture

EMTower anti bending system

Erlenbach´s patented and field-tested anti bending system prevents the deformation of the edge panels after cutting process.
Erlenbach combines several measures to reduce the bending:

  • effect of the block press
  • compression in the block mould provides an additional reduction of the steam pressure


  • saving an additional process step "elastify"
  • reduction of storage time to up to 24h
  • steam savings in the block mould of up to 15%
  • improving of the insulation properties without changing the material density leads to material savings

By using Erlenbach´s EMTower anti bending system you will reduce your production and energy costs and increase your storage capacity.


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