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Pré-mousseur pour pièces
moulées et production de bloc


EMBead - the pearl amongst pre-expansion systems

Pre-expansion is the starting point for processing particle foams made of EPS and EPP. Our extensive knowledge of all process-relevant variables means that Erlenbach
pre-expanders ensure efficient material processing. With its discontinuous and continuous preexpanding systems, the EMBead product range guarantees innovative solutions combined with cost-effective use of the system.

Advantages discontinous operating

  • Suitable for all common and special materials
  • Wide density range
  • Highest expansion factor
  • Flexible operation
  • Short set up time and less maintenance required
  • High output with low pentane products
  • Higher availability and longer lifetime
  • Safe work environment

Advantages continous operating

  • Suitable for bulk production
  • Mature technology
  • Low budget investment

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