The product family EMHandling implements down streamed manufacturing processes semi or fully-automatically.

By using our handling systems, your everyday work will be facilitated by individual systems which are specially tailored to your needs and also increase the efficiency of your plants.

Advantages EMHandling

  • Economic, as it is all-purpose 
  • Easy to retro-fit
  • Safe and operator friendly demoulding of the moulded parts 
  • loading and fixing of inserts and foils without delay of cycle times 

The multi function injectors EMFill for processing EPS and EPP are available in various lengths and with different nozzles. The EMFill injectors ensure a trouble free processing and highest quality of your end products.

Advantages EMFill

  • High life time by use of temperature-  and wear resistant sealing elements.
  • Extremely short overall length in comparison to the competitor’s products.
  • Non-rotating construction available 
  • Easy changing of the sleeve and of the drive pistons’ sealing when installed
  • Eccentric closure for material hose nozzle

EMCycle offers the treatment of EPS and EPP end products of the moulding- and block production and supports not only the environment but above all strengthens your competitiveness.

Advantages EMCycle

  • Significant cost saving
  • Fast amortization
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low residual dust content in the regrind
  • Reducing of the disposal volume

The software EMFactory Manager supports your computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM) via order- and production planning, as well as the mould data management and the acquisition of the machine operation data. The software EMFactory Manager allows you an optimization of all procedures of your EPS- and EPP-production. The software can individually be adjusted to your production requirements and can be extended at any time. It is possible to connect the software to your ERP-system, if required. 

Advantages EMFactory Manager

  • Clear manufacturing process, considering your shift-times
  • Easy presentation of all production data
  • Uncomplicated creating of production statistics
  • Early indication of necessary maintenance works
  • Easy upload of the mould parameters

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